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NBCP Evaluation

Four evaluation reports on the impact of the NBCP in England have been written by Fiveways, with the most recent released on Friday 10 May 2019. 

The final report highlights the impact the NBCP has had in the 21 pilot sites over the past year, pointing the way for other NHS Trusts to adopt the pathway.

The key findings of the final report suggest that in the pilot sites, the NBCP:

1. improved the bereavement care received by parents after the loss of a baby
2. increased confidence and empowered staff to provide consistently good bereavement care
3. enabled hospital teams and departments to work together to ensure consistency of care regardless of the nature, gestation or circumstance of the loss
4. supported effective coordination and collaboration at a national level, enabling the project to succeed at a local level

As such we encourage all NHS Trusts in England to adopt the NBCP as quickly as possible. Details of how to do this are available by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

An image of the report cover
Wave 2 final report May 2019
An image of the report cover
Wave 2 interim report December 2018
An image of the report cover
Wave 1 final report October 2018
An image of the report cover
Wave 1 interim report May 2018