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Our 2020 vision for the NBCP 

Each year the Christmas and New Year break gives us an opportunity to reflect on the previous year and to look forward with fresh ideas and motivation for the year ahead. 
2019 was certainly a busy year for the NBCP and as chair of the NBCP Core Group I am delighted with the progress we have made. Here are just a few of the highlights: 
•    The completion of the NBCP pilot programme in 32 sites, culminating in the publication of the fourth and final NBCP evaluation report  
•    The expansion of the programme from 32 to 51 sites, with the expression of interest of 64 further sites 
•    The publication of the nine bereavement care standards
•    The delivery of two e-learning for health NBCP training modules, accessed by 650 learners already
•    The hosting of seven NBCP implementation workshops - 235 delegates from 73 different organisations, with 24 different hosts, parent speakers and facilitators helping new sites to implement the NBCP
•    The engagement of many MPs, MSPs and other influential figures
•    The issuing of the 6th version of the NBCP guidelines
•    The revamp of the website
•    The groundwork for the development of the NBCP in Scotland 
•    … and much more!
We are so grateful for your support this year - huge thanks for collaborating with us to achieve so much! 
As we look forward to the year ahead then, clearly our focus will be on ensuring more sites convert their interest into full commitment, and to help embed the NBCP standards into practice within the NHS and relevant regulatory frameworks. We are excited that five NBCP Early Adopter sites are soon to go live in Scotland. We’ll be looking at increasing our training offer and continue to ensure that parents are at the heart of everything we do through our amazing NBCP Parents’ Advisory Groups.
Thanks once again for all you’ve done to help support all of the above. I am looking forward to working with you to achieve these goals throughout another productive year in 2020. 
Clea Harmer
CEO Sands and Chair of NBCP Core Group