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Supporting the NBCP in honour of Pippa

My life revolves around my family, my wife Hannah, and our 3 girls. Evelyn, who is 5, and twins Penelope and Pippa. Pippa is my little bird who flies everywhere with me. The twins were born at 30 weeks, on August 15th 2017. They were both super small, weighing just 977g (Penny) and 726g (Pippa).

After 8 weeks neonatal they were well enough to come home. We only managed to enjoy 8 days at home as a family of 5 before Pippa suddenly turned very poorly. We took Pippa to Leeds General Infirmary where they immediately intubated her, gave her anti-viral meds and an emergency blood transfusion. Over the next couple of days tests results started to come back and it was confirmed that she was suffering from acute liver failure. She was far too small to be considered for a transplant, so we had no other option but to wait and hope she would pull through. After fighting so hard for a further 10 weeks, Pippa’s fight came to an end. She passed away in our arms, surrounded by her 2 sisters and closest family. Our family’s journey can be found here:

The Twitchett family

Since then, we’ve been determined to make Pippa’s life have a positive impact on others. We’ve fundraised and raised close to £20,000 now for various different places.

I’ve been involved in the NBCP as part of the Parent Advisory Group for some time now. I wanted to get involved as I believe so strongly about the improvements needed in bereavement care, particularly in baby loss. It has been an honour to be able to share my little girl, and my family's experience through baby loss. I really hope it’s been able to help those medical professionals who have sat and listened to me talk.